First gather all the necessary information (name, surname, parents’ names and if possible birth-name of mother, place and date of birth) regarding the ancestor. For the purposes of issuing a registry certificate (of birth, marriage or death) the current parish priest of the parish which registered the deed must be contacted.
Indeed, between 1815 and 1923 parish priests were appointed as Civil Registry Officials, and even today they exclusively retain this position.

Applicants are requested only to contact the parish priest when they have gathered completely full and accurate information, having carefully consulted the database.
We would thus ask that parish priests not be sent general requests containing vague information.

Since these are personal details, any request must be for a stated purpose, specifying the relationship between the applicant and the person to whom the details pertain.

The name and address of the current parish priest of all parishes in Trentino can be found on the website of the Diocese of Trent, which is updated regularly.

For search requests regarding names not found in the database, we would advise contacting the Emigration Office of the Autonomous Province of Trent.

For further historical, genealogical, institutional or ecclesiastical research, please contact the Archives of the Diocese of Trent