1. Terms of usage

General Information
This web service has been created by the Autonomous Province of Trento ('service provider'), with the authorisation of the Archdiocese of Trento, to allow access to information ('service') subject to the following terms of usage.
By accepting the terms and using the service, the user undertakes to comply with all the conditions specified and confirms that he or she has read and understood the regulations concerning personal data protection.
The service provider reserves the right to modify the terms of usage at any time and without prior notification.
The user is responsible for informing him or herself with regard to said modifications, which will automatically be considered to have been accepted by the act of using the service.

Service content
The service consists in offering access to the following personal details (collectively called 'Index') relative to approximately 1.28 million persons born in Trentino (or whose births were registered in Trentino, even if born elsewhere), between 1815 and 1923:

  • surname,
  • name,
  • gender (M=male; F=female),
  • date of birth,
  • name of father,
  • name and surname of mother,
  • parish code,
  • municipality code.

Please see the Search Instructions for instructions on how to conduct searches.

The user undertakes to comply with the Code of ethics and good conduct for the processing of personal data for historical purposes ('Codice di deontologia e di buona condotta per i trattamenti per scopi storici' - in Italian only) implemented by the Data Protection Supervisor in observance of Section 12 of Legislative Decree 196 of 2003 (Decreto Legislativo n. 196, 2003 - in Italian only).
Specifically, the user is hereby notified:

  • that the Index has been created exclusively for historical purposes and is accessible solely for research conducted in observance of the aforementioned Code of ethics and good conduct for the processing of personal data for historical purposes,
  • that the data contained in the Index may solely be used for personal purposes and not for commercial purposes,
  • that any use other than for historical purposes is illegal and prosecutable by Italian law,
  • that the data contained in the Index is purely informative and may only be verified upon presentation of a legally valid document and, as a result, the service provider cannot be held responsible for its accuracy,
  • of the fact that the details 'name of father' and 'name of mother' can only be published 103 years after the year of birth (on January 1st) of the individual cited in the Index.

Intellectual property
The Index is the joint intellectual property of the Archdiocese of Trento and the Autonomous Province of Trento.
The Contacts section lists the contact details of the persons who may be contacted for any queries.
All brand names, whether registered trade marks or otherwise, of products or services, banners, titles, articles, domains and all other distinguishing devices appearing in this site are the property of the Autonomous Province of Trento.
To request permission to use any of the above, please write to info@mondotrentino.net.

Password security
Access to the service is subject to registration and the creation of a username and password.
To register, users must provide the following information:
- name,
- surname,
- date of birth,
- country of residence and address,
- e-mail address.
Registration must be renewed after six months, whereas the password must be changed after three months.

Revocation of authorisation
The service provider may, at its own discretion, refuse access to the service or revoke authorisation to use the service should it have cause to believe that the user has violated the terms of usage. Decisions to refuse or revoke authorisation may not be contested.

Legislation and jurisdiction
The terms of the service are subject to Italian law. The court of competent jurisdiction is the court of Trento in Italy.
The user also acknowledges that the service provider is subject to the authority of the Data Protection Supervisor in Rome.

2. Personal data protection - informative notice in accordance with Section 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003

Informative notice
This informative notice is intended for all users accessing the website, irrespective of the purpose of said access.

Data controller
The data controller for the processing of personal data is the Autonomous Province of Trento, with legal address in Piazza Dante, Trento, 38100, Italy.
The data processor is the director of the press department.

Party in charge of data processing
The party in charge of processing data is Informatica Trentina SpA, with legal address in Via Gilli 2, Trento (website www.infotn.it).

Data processed
Personal information relative to users is processed solely for the length of time strictly necessary to fulfil the purposes for their acquisition.
The data may be used in compliance with Italian law.
Said personal data will not be divulged to third parties nor used by the service provider for any purpose other than:

  • gathering statistical data, in aggregate form;
  • ascertaining culpability in the event of internet crime, damage to the website or illegal use of the data.

Acceptance of terms through usage of the service
The user automatically accepts the conditions given herein by using the service.

For any matters not specifically discussed herein, please consult the legal notes on the website www.provincia.tn.it (in Italian only)